Hot & Cold Water Blasting

Power blasting with hot or cold water can be highly effective when cleaning building façades, driveways and patio areas. Used as part of the blast cleaning portfolio, hot and cold water blasting provides a comprehensive service for the cleaning of any type of substrate.

Economical & efficient

Rainbow International's full scope of works will provide the most effective solution to every building cleaning requirement and will take into account all considerations before recommending the solution – the substrate to be cleaned, the environmental issues, the cost efficiency of the various processes, speed of application, return to normal use and the health and safety issues concerning each process.

Hot and cold water power blasting is often a very economical and efficient system for cleaning building substrates, concrete and brick drives, car park decks and patio areas. It is environmentally friendly and a low health and safety risk to building tenants and occupiers.

Hot & Cold Water Blasting at a glance...

  • Stone & masonry cleaning
  • Building façades cleaned
  • Public sector/local government work
  • Driveways, car parks & public areas cleaned
BEFORE driveway fire damage restoration
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H&C Water Power Blasting Case Studies

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